Certyfikat Zaufania Klientów
Przedsiębiorstwo Nasienne TORAF
Certyfikat Zaufania Klientów


Seeds Enterprise „TORAF” general partnership has been engaged in trading the qualified vegetable, flower and herb seed-material. Since 1961 we have been cultivating seed production. We are in possession of 40 hectares of plough-land.We have been trading both the seeds we produce and imported from Polish and foreign seed-producers as well.
There are over 500 items of vegetable, flowers, herbs, grass and exotic plants.Each year we enrich and complete our offer with the best kinds and varieties appearing both in our local and foreign market. The fact that we have broad net of contacts with plenty of renowned seed producers from Poland, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic and Holland. Thanks to our broad offer we are happy to provide our customers with special goods for them and their gardens.
Seeds Enterprise „TORAF” offers to its customers a broad assortment of mordant treated seeds and hermetically packed ones which significantly lenghtens their sell-by date. Our products have enjoyed complete trust and appreciation among all our customers.
We have been providing both wholesale firms and gardening departments in supermarkets with best quality seeds around Poland. We serve our customers and sell our goods by retail and by wholesale in our Seed Wholesale in Maciejów 34; 46-211Kujakowice Górne. The warrant of high quality of our products has been our 25 years attendance at non-easy Polish seed market and our experience in seed production.


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